mudy on the 昨晩
10年ぶりの完全新作音源3rd Full Album!! An Instrumental 2023.03.08
バンド初の7inch vinyl THE SHINING 2022.11.03
1st配信限定EP FOR GUITARS 2020.05.31
1st LIVE DVD (SOLDOUT!!) 20130713LIVE at SHIBUYA O-Crest 2015.07.07
トリビュート参加作品 FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE ~ THANKS ~ 2012.12.05
3rd mini album Zyacalanda 2012.06.06
2nd Full Album MUDY IN SQUALL 2011.08.10
1st Full Album pavilion 2010.03.03
1st Single YOUTH 2010.01.13
2nd mini album Kidnie 2009.01.14
1st mini Album VOI 2008.03.12
mudy on the 昨晩