Display based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Law

(In the event of discrepancy between the English version and the Japanese version of the Terms, the Japanese-language version shall prevail.)

■ Business

LLC Besten Dank

■ Representative

Katsuya Oura

■ Homepage


■ Email address


■ Location

330-0842 2-12-301 Asama-cho, Omiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama

■ Phone number


* Business hours 10: 00-17: 00 (excluding weekends and holidays)

■ Sales price

Member monthly (including consumption tax)

Each artist sets individually from 396 yen, 550 yen, 770 yen, 1078 yen, 1628 yen


Each artist sets a price for each performance

Video sales

Each artist sets a price for each video

Delivery time of products etc. (days) Shipping method

Provision immediately after payment for digital content

■ Operating environment

PC: Google Chrome latest version, Safari latest version

Smartphone: iOS latest version, Android latest version

■ Payment timing and method

Member dues

Credit card, au / softbank carrier payment with advance payment

Video sales

Credit card, au / softbank carrier payment with advance payment


Prepay by credit card, convenience store, au / softbank carrier payment

Necessary expenses other than the product price

Settlement fee equivalent to 10% of ticket fee, communication cost when browsing the site

■ Termination and termination conditions

If you apply for cancellation, billing for usage charges will be suspended from the following month.

We will not refund the membership fee even if you cancel in the middle of the membership period.

Since video sales and tickets are digital contents, cancellations and returns after payment are not accepted in principle.

If there is any defect in the product data, it will be returned.

■ Defect liability

The scope of damages shall be limited to direct and ordinary damages that have actually occurred to the customer, and the amount of damages shall not exceed 10,000 yen.